Selected by the Whitehouse to serve as volunteer decorator for the 2015 holiday season


Interior Designer, Sheri Bolton, Discusses Her Experience at the White House, Creating a Winning Holiday Theme, Designer Tips and More with Emmy Nominated, Frank Fontana, HGTV Network Star

Interior Designer, Sheri Bolton and Frank Fontana (David Miranda)
Interior Designer, Sheri Bolton and Frank Fontana (David Miranda)

Wearing her holiday apron, given to her by the White House, Sheri Bolton talks about her experience as a 2015 Holiday Decorator with Frank Fontana who previously hosted HGTV’s “Design on a Dime”. Frank Fontana is a current  host on WGN Radio and television host of the show “Down Town Shabby,” on the FYI network.

White House

Giving Back …

Sheri was recently selected as a Volunteer Decorator by the United States White House for the 2015 Christmas Holiday Season. She spent 7 days in Washington D.C. utilizing her skills and talents to adorn the rooms and halls of this historic treasure. This annual tradition attracts visitors from all over the world who come to view one of the most famous houses in the world – The White House. It is an honor for any designer to be selected to serve at the  “People’s House.”

Photo: Michael Blanchard

The Official White House Christmas tree stands 18.5 feet tall. This red, white and blue tree is a tribute to all those serving to protect the freedoms and liberties of this Great Nation. Sheri fashioned the tree skirt under the official tree and was deemed the “Tree-Skirt Magician” by the world-renowned staff at Rafanelli Events.

Photo: Michael Blanchard

Sheri adorned the arches of the Lower-Cross Hallway to resemble a silver wonderland. She hand fashioned nearly 4,000  elements to make this space a “Timeless Tradition” of sparkling silver bells and balls.

Photo: Michael Blanchard

Sheri spent several hours crafting envelopes into garland and wreaths, and creating gold stars in remembrance of our fallen military heroes.  This interactive station also includes standing Ipad’s where families are able to write messages or greetings to their loved ones serving in the Armed Forces.

Photo: Michael Blanchard

Sheri worked with the world-renowned designer Duro Olowu. Duro designs clothing for First Lady, Michelle Obama and was requested to design the Vermeil room. Sheri took  direction from the effervescent Duro, while adding her own creative flair to help decorate the two eight-foot Christmas trees and the mantel. The mantel was adorned with miniature trees and gifts, (wrapped in signature fabrics), original dolls, pom-poms and several international treasures and antiques. In addition, a glass diorama serves as the room’s centerpiece.

  Speaking Engagements

Sheri has spent multiple years speaking to business professionals and other entrepreneurs about following their passion.  Having grown up the inner city of Chicago, she takes particular joy connecting with and mentoring youth while inspiring them to reach for their dreams. Sheri hopes to ignite passion in young people, inviting them to tap into their creative talents and pursue their dreams.

Photo: J.B. Elzy

Sheri Bolton has created a niche for working with youth. Since 1997: as a resident staff at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater;  as an instructor creating an entrepreneurial spirit in pre-college summer camps; as a national speaker at annual college conferences helping students with a transformational experience ; through gainful employment in the private sector, public and not for profit settings. She is confident of her ability to enhance the potential and interest of youth. Ms. Bolton believes that early exposure generates greater outcome.

Roger L. Pulliam, PhD
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Emeritus
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Ms. Bolton has embarked on an amazing journey as an entrepreneur and she, selflessly shares her gifts and talents with others. She is definitely a student of her craft and a dedicated life-long learner. With the same passion used to build a successful business, she also helps others understand how to make their dreams come to life during her conference and workshop presentations, where she walks students through the process of starting and building a business. Ms. Bolton shares wisdom and practical advice that even her conference co-presenters find insightful. She is truly a delight to work with and we look forward to having her at the conference next year.

Nicole Henley, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Health Science
California State University-San Bernardino